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Technology Change Support Program to receive HUF 100 billion more

An unprecedented amount of investment interest has been received from businesses.

The government has decided to accept all applications, László György, Secretary of State for Economic Strategy and Regulation at the Ministry of Innovation and Technology, announced.

György said that the restart of the economy has ignited a massive spike in business investments.

Therefore, the government has decided to take three measures:

  1. All investment aid applications that have been completed by the application deadline will be accepted.
  1. The budget has been raised by another HUF 100 billion which would have been available in the second and third phases of the tender. Thus, we are making the entire HUF 200 billion budget available to companies wishing to invest, György said. 
  1. Regarding the third measure, the state secretary said that all applications will be ranked according to score in order to support the most competitive ones.

According to László György: “We listened to the requests of the companies, because the restart can only succeed if we work together!” 

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