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Tarda’s embroidery work makes our world more colorful

The village of Tarda is famous for its “Matyo” embroidery, “snail noodles” and slow lifestyle.

The Matyó is a population of Hungarians living in Northern Hungary and known for their distinct traditions, costumes and embroidery. Tarda is one of the three Hungarian Matyó settlements, where Rozi Váczi, the founder of Matyodesign, and members of the local embroidery circle offer unique programs to visiting tourists.

The six-to-seven-hour program provides a window into the region’s history. After brandy and cake, everyone can test their skills in embroidery and make “snail noodles” with the help of a local woman, dressed in a Matyó folk costume.

Tourists can even help bake – and eat! – apple and cottage cheese pie, and then, after lunch, head on over to the local church and country house to learn how people lived 100-150 years ago.

The family business behind the program employs 27 local women who also embroider products for tourists to buy. Now, due to the coronavirus epidemic, they are making mouth masks with special embroidered design.

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