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Szent István University to focus on agricultural careers

The Deputy Rector says there is a growing demand for well-trained agricultural professionals in Hungary.

On March 11, the government decided to create a large, integrated, agrarian-focused university, made up of several existing training places. The result will be an agricultural-focused, multidisciplinary research university covering five disciplines.

The  transitional period began on August 1, when Szent István University, Kaposvár University, Károly Eszterházy University, the Károly Róbert Gyöngyösi Campus of the Károly Eszterházy University and the Georgikon Faculty of the University of Pannonia were integrated.

With this change, the entire practical agricultural research network will also become part of the new university, i.e., eleven institutes of the National Center for Agricultural Research and Innovation (NAIK) will be included in the integration.

On January 1, 2021, the new entity will focus not only on higher education but also on practical agricultural research within an extensive institutional system, said Csaba Gyuricza, Deputy Rector.

Gyuricza also talked about wanting to restructure the university into professional institutes, which would include all fields related to agricultural sciences, except forestry and veterinary science. The content of agricultural training will also adapt to market needs and international trends so that they become attractive to young people, deputy rector said.

In 2020, 35-40 percent fewer people applied to agricultural higher education than in 2019, while the number of applicants for higher education overall decreased by 19-20 per cent . 

The aim is to divert students’ attention back to agriculture, as it is a sector that offers a secure livelihood and decent existence and is evolving at a rapid pace. It is safe to say that there will be a growing demand for well-trained agricultural professionals in Hungary, he emphasized. 

Currently, the Ministry of Innovation and Technology is responsible for the project, but a foundation will take over this role from January 1, 2021.

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