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Süsü the Dragon returns to Hungarian TV screens

“Süsü Discovers the World”, the third season of the television series building on the much-loved Hungarian children’s tale, Süsü the Dragon will be released later this year.

The author of the original work, István Csukás will be responsible for the script for the television program “Süsü Discovers the World” or Süsüke világot lát in Hungarian. 

In accordance with the decades-old tradition, actor Gyula Bodrogi will provide the voiceover to the series. Produced by MTVA, the series will comprise of thirteen episodes, chronicling young Süsü’s adventures in outer space. 

As Csukás explained to Hungarian news portal Origo, the narrative follows Süsü’s unexpected journey from the Earth to unexplored planets. The first episode sees the dragon meet with a wizard who grants him a wish. The foolish, inexperienced young creature asks for one thing: to see what the universe looks like first-hand. That’s how the grandiose extraterrestrial exploration begins: Süsü hops into a sneeze-fuelled rocket, only to, later on, evince a frightful planetary explosion, which a group of loving children eventually transform into their own paradise. The key takeaways? As Csukás said, he wanted to create a series about the importance of looking after one another, friendship, and the power of love.  

The 83-year-old writer, poet, musician, and modern-day polymath earned fame with Süsü, the scary-looking, big-toothed character who conquered many Hungarian households with his soft-spoken, adorable personality. A childhood hero of generations, the tale served as a talking point for decades. Its next iteration won’t be any different. The plot full of twists and turns, the coterie of warm, relatable characters and the endearing visuals are bound to steal the hearts of thousands of viewers. 

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