Supporting investments is a priority of Hungary’s economic policy

The Hungarian government is also focused on improving the business environment and increasing competitiveness.

MTI reported that Minister of Finance Mihály Varga said at the 10th macroeconomic conference of the Joint Venture Association (JVSZ) in Budapest on Wednesday that the government will help domestic companies with more than HUF 13 trillion of support. Varga also serves as co-chair of JVSZ,  

Many companies have announced new investments, and market players are confident that their developments will bring the desired results, Varga said. He mentioned that he continues to count on the partnership of JVSZ, as this cooperation will also help the country emerge victorious from the crisis.

The Hungarian economy has been steadily getting stronger for more than a year, with a record 17.9 percent growth in the second quarter, Varga said.

Due to the favorable trend, the government expects economic growth of 7–7.5 percent this year, which is a cautious estimate compared to some market forecasts, the minister stressed, referring to the fact that leading organizations also forecast GDP growth in Hungary of over 8 percent.

The Hungarian unemployment rate of 4.1 percent is one of the most favorable in the European Union, he added.

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