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Support for the purchase of electric bicycles is available again

Hungary is already the best performer in the region in terms of its share of renewable energy in transport, which is above the EU average.

Hungary’s performance could be further boosted by the measures of the Climate and Nature Action Plan, which will encourage the uptake of electromobility and contribute to the achievement of the 2050 climate neutrality targets, Attila Steiner, State Secretary for the Development of the Circular Economy, Energy and Climate Policy at the Ministry of Innovation and Technology, said.

The spread of bicycles could be a solution to the high levels of air pollution sometimes found in cities, as they help to reduce the amount of pollutants emitted by transport. The government has therefore been one of the first in the region to launch a program to promote the purchase of electric bicycles. It has so far contributed to the purchase of more than 6,000 e-bikes and is now supporting the purchase of a further 10,000 electric-assisted bicycles, the ministry said.

Starting Thursday, applications for the purchase of electric-assisted bicycles will be open again, with a budget of HUF 1 billion.

The new scheme simplifies the application process, allowing for a continuous submission of applications until the budget is exhausted, instead of the previous staggered submission, he said. 

No employer’s certificate is required for the purchase, so mothers, students and pensioners can also apply for the subsidy. 

Applications may be submitted for a post-financed grant for up to one bike with a pedal-operated or torque-operated sensor drive system, with a maximum continuous rated power of 250 W or less for commercially available bicycles. The amount of the subsidy has also been increased, from HUF 90,000 to HUF 100,000 and from HUF 150,000 to HUF 180,000, depending on the drive system, the communication said.

Further information and the call for applications are available at https://elektromobilitas.humda.hu/

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