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Summer wine festivals 2020

The organizers of wine festivals in Hungary hope to host more events in late summer and early autumn this year.

The Tokaj Wine Days event (Tokaji Bornapok) traditionally organized in early June had to be canceled due to COVID-19, but the city’s other major event related to Tokaj wines, Harvest Days (Szüreti Napok), is planned to be held on October 2-4. This is an outdoor, free event, and the number of participants can’t be limited.

Thousands of visitors come to the Harvest Days event every year to drink excellent wines and brandies from the Tokaj-Hegyalja region, offered by winemakers in little wooden houses in the city cęntęr. They can also view vintage equipment and other exhibitions as well as attend concerts. 

The Bull Blood (Bikavér Ünnep) Festival in Eger is traditionally held on the weekend of July 2, but this year it’s been postponed to August 20-23. The festival will be celebrated in its traditional venue, the Archbishop’s Garden. The largest and most popular free festival in the city, many Eger winemakers offer excellent products there. 

The Balatonfüred Wine Weeks (Balatonfüredi Borhetek) will start on August 15 and continue until the first week of September. The most popular gastronomic festival of Balatonfüred will be held on the Tagore promenade in August. Visitors can taste nearly 30 varieties, including rosé, sparkling wine, riesling and other award-winning wines. Free concerts are available every night during the festival.

Budapest Wine Festival (Budapest Borfesztivál) is planned to be held at the Budavár Palace, a World Heritage Site, between September 10-13. Visitors can enjoy the impressive panorama of the Hungarian capital and taste thousands of wines from nearly 200 domestic and foreign producers. There are plenty of gastronomic offerings and countless concerts as well.

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