Sümeg Castle to be renewed

Many other castles in Veszprém County are set to benefit from renovations under the National Castle Program as well.

Within the framework of the National Castle Program, Sümeg Castle will be renewed within a year. Thanks to development funding of more than HUF 1.5 billion, the eastern part of the castle will be restored and will house an exhibition on castle life, the ministerial commissioner of the two programs said at a ceremony on Friday.

Zsolt Virág said that the interactive exhibition evoking life in the 16th century will be located on the first floor of the castle; on the ground floor, there will be workshops and courtyards displaying various crafts per their original function. The total investment will amount to HUF 1 billion 65 million.

Virág recalled that the castle of Sümeg, owned by the bishops of Veszprém, was first mentioned in documents in 1318, but the residential part was built around 1290. After the fall of Veszprém in 1552, Sümeg became the episcopal seat. The castle also played a role in the Rákóczi War of Independence; around 1720, imperial troops left the fortress, which had become unusable.

István György, State Secretary for Territorial Administration of the Prime Minister’s Office, said that 15 castles and 19 palaces nationwide will be renovated from a total of HUF 60 billion within the framework of the National Castle Program launched four years ago. 

Tamás Glázer, Managing Director of National Heritage Protection Development Nonprofit Ltd. (NÖF), emphasized that the Papp family, which operated the Sümeg castle, contributed HUF 200 million to the development.

Veszprém County has benefited greatly from the National Castle Program. In addition to the development of the Sümeg castle, other castles and places to be renewed include Sümeg palace, Nagyvázsony Castle, Csesznek Castle, Nádasdy Castle in Nádasdladány and Zichy Palace. 

The heritage protection buildings operated by the NÖF are expected to open on June 20.

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