Stuttgart will be accessible by train without a transfer

Stuttgart will be directly accessible from Budapest starting this December.

One of the most important new features of the 2022-2023 timetable in terms of international traffic is that a new German city will be added to the destinations available from Budapest by night train without a transfer.

From December, the Kálmán Imre EuroNight will be running from Munich to Stuttgart, via Augsburg, Ulm, and Göppingen, and will arrive in the capital of Baden-Württemberg. This will further expand MÁV-START’s significant night train network and create a new, convenient direct connection for the Hungarian diaspora in southern Germany, as well as tourist and business passengers. 

The train, which features seat, couch, and sleeper cars, arrives at Stuttgart main station at 8:37 a.m. and departs for Budapest at 8:29 p.m.

The departure times of trains to Western Europe via Szob, Párkány, and Bratislava will be slightly altered from December 11 for Slovakia, the Czech Republic, and Germany.

The Báthory EuroCity service between Warsaw, Terespol, and Budapest via the Szczecin line will also change by a few minutes.

In Transylvania, the timetable will be changed mainly for local cross-border trains to meet passenger demand, while access to Arad will be further improved. 

The Zaránd InterCity, which until now only ran between Szolnok and Arad, will operate from and to Keleti station in Budapest. The passenger train from Debrecen to Szatmárnémeti via Érmihályfalva will depart one hour earlier (8:05 a.m.) and arrive at the same time (8:00 p.m.), thus providing access to the northern part of Partium from Budapest with a 5:23 a.m. departure and a late evening arrival.

A new international connection will also be established on the Pécs-Villány-Eszék railway line to Croatia, with four pairs of trains daily, one in the morning and three in the afternoon. The timetable between Budapest and Zagreb will also change, as the Croatian railway company has decided that the existing Gradec-Tópart international InterCity train pair will only run between Budapest and Gyékényes.

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