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“Stay Home!” festival: Advice from Hungarian artists

“Stay Home!” virtual festival was founded by 50 organizers and hosts of festivals, clubs and events in Hungary.

The “Stay Home!” festival was launched on March 21 to encourage people to take coronavirus regulations and experts’ advice more seriously. 

During the ongoing coronavirus epidemic, artists can’t give live performances, so the organizers of “Stay Home!” have invited more than a hundred bands and artists to regularly post, film and set up online meetings on their own platforms in the coming weeks; there will also be concerts broadcast by performers from their homes and studios.

“Millions of people go to festivals and concerts every year. Fans can be better addressed by their favorite artists and will listen to them, and this is the main goal of this virtual festival,” said Norbert Lobenwein, founder of the VOLT Festival and the brains behind this new initiative. 

In addition to the festival, “Stay Home Challenge” has started as well. Every night, an artist will talk about how he spent his day at home and encourage fans to follow the rules. The challenge started with Majka on March 23.

Join “Stay Home!” festival on Facebook here, where almost 30,000 are already following. 

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