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State-of-the-art energy management and building automation solutions are showcased in Hungary

The Schneider Electric Innovation Center introduces the future in a new facility in Szigetszentmiklós.

Schneider Electric is at the forefront of developing and deploying systems and products that support sustainability efforts. In its latest innovation hub, visitors will be able to discover cutting-edge solutions supporting energy management, building automation, and production equipment monitoring, among others.

The Innovation HUB, located at Schneider Electric’s logistics base in Szigetszentmiklós, will play an important role in the future in terms of raising awareness and education

The logistics and distribution center in Szigetszentmiklós employs more than 280 people. On average, 17,000 orders are fulfilled every day in the 25,000-square-meter facility, equivalent to almost 130 tons.

The first visitor of the center was French Ambassador Pascale Andréani.

Three years ago, the base in Szigetszentmiklós joined Schneider Electric’s own Smart Distribution Center program. This has enabled us to introduce IT improvements and smart solutions and to use their own products and solutions effectively over the last few years, Christos Vardakostas, Schneider Electric’s Director for Eastern Europe Logistics, said.

The Innovation HUB at Ceelog will be continuously upgraded in the future to provide a comprehensive view of the digital transformation taking place in the world of electricity.

Zsolt Veres, CEO of Schneider Electric, said that as the world’s leading visionary company, they are making a major effort to help their customers and the millions of people who use their services by providing innovations that support both efficient and sustainable operations. 

French-Hungarian economic relations are strong. Bilateral trade turnover has weathered the pandemic well, growing by 7.9 percent to EUR 8.7 billion. In terms of direct investment, France is the fourth-largest investor in Hungary, accounting for some EUR 5 billion, Pascale Andréani said.

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