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Starting a company digitally is now easier in Hungary

All EU Member States should make it possible to set up a company online only, without the need for a personal presence or paper documents.

In 2007, Hungary was one of the first countries in the EU to introduce electronic company procedures. 

The new legislation of August 1, 2022, now complements the previous ones in that if the identification before the lawyer is done online, the registration process will be shorter and the whole process will remain “paperless” in the digital space. 

For those who want to incorporate online, the simplest solution is to apply for an electronic signature certificate. It can also be done without having to go in person, by applying for an e-signature certificate through a fully online application process using video identification, which will allow anyone to e-sign anywhere, anytime, even on a mobile phone. 

The main requirement for online incorporation is that all documents to be signed must be created as electronic documents.

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