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Spectacular Hungarian solutions for weeks without culture

Most museums in Hungary have responded rapidly to drastically changed operating conditions due to the coronavirus epidemic, quickly making some of their collections and databases available online.

The Petőfi Literary Museum (PIM) is allowing for virtual access to its exhibitions and collections through digital content, including the exhibition entitled “Self-Portrait in Masks” (Önarckép Álarcokban) dedicated to János Arany and the “So many secrets left” (Annyi titkom maradt) exhibit commemorating the 100th birthday of Magda Szabó.

As of March 17, the Museum of Fine Arts and its member institutions – the Hungarian National Gallery, the Ferenc Hopp Museum of East Asian Arts and the Vasarely Museum – will be closed, but they also will produce a large amount of digital content that will be shared with those interested. 

Visitors can view works of art from exhibitions including “Variations for Realism – from Munkácsy to Mednyánszky” at the Hungarian National Gallery and also go online to “Masterpieces in education,” where pieces from the National Gallery’s collections can be used in public education for history, Hungarian language and literature, and visual arts classes.

The Műcsarnok (Museum of  Fine Art) has also made its current exhibitions – the Paolo Ventura Photo Exhibition, the Major Kamill Exhibition, and the Derko 2020 Fine Art Fellowship Show – available online.

On the occasion of the World Puppet Theater Day (March 21), the National Theater History Museum and Institute’s (OSZMI) Puppet Library could be visited online, while the Ethnographic Museum is offering a selection of thousands of photos, drawings, paintings and postcards in digital format as well.

The Kecskemét Media Center and the Kecskemét Katona József National Theater have both also launched a new joint project, where the theater’s artists and staff read a story for children and adults every day.

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