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Spa town Héviz ranks 12th on European Best Destinations

Colmar, France, took over 1st place this year from Budapest.

Hungary’s Hévíz was ranked 12th by the website European Best Destinations, and Sibiu, in Transylvania (former Hungarian territory in Romania), also made it into the top 10, with a ranking of sixth place. 

Héviz received praise for having the world’s finest natural thermal lake; easy access to Budapest, Vienna and Zagreb; and amenities for both families and couples on vacation. Sibiu was noted for its gastronomy (three Michelin-starred restaurants), history, and… excellent potential for Instagram pics, while not being as crowded as Prague.

Organized by the European Union to promote and boost tourism to European locales, European Best Destinations holds an annual vote on which European spots to recommend to travelers. Last year, Budapest snatched first place. 

More than 600,000 people voted this year, with a record 179,723 votes for first place, won by Colmar, France, far above the 138,116 votes cast for the 2017 winner, Porto, Portugal.

A total of 15 destinations made the list:

Colmar (France),
Athens (Greece),
Tbilisi (Georgia, formerly Georgia),
Vienna (Austria),
Cascais (Portugal),
Sibiu (Romania),
Namur (Belgium),
Rijeka (Croatia),
Paris (France),
Bydgoszcz (Poland),
Rome (Italy),
Heviz (Hungary),
Cork (Ireland),
Rochefort Oceanfront (France),
Menorca (Spain)

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