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Some 200,000 jobs are protected by new government measures

More than 170,000 jobs in hospitality and nearly 30,000 jobs in accommodation have been saved thanks to the new measures.

Sándor Bodó, Secretary of State for Employment Policy at the Ministry of Innovation and Technology, stressed that the government’s goal is to protect companies facing difficulties due to the virus crisis and the jobs of their employees.

In connection with the wage subsidy program, he stressed that the amount of support is 1.5 times the minimum gross wage, HUF 241,500 per person, up to a maximum of gross HUF 483,000. In addition, the employer does not have to pay contributions for November wages. The criteria of the support is to keep workers employed and make sure they are paid their wages. 

The aid is intended to help companies avoid having to shut down. 

Bodó said that the job protection wage subsidy provided in the first wave of the epidemic was applied for nearly 20,000 employees in the accommodation and hospitality sector. The form of support now available will help maintain up to ten times more jobs in the sectors concerned.

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