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SMEs can apply again for technology grants

More than 1,700 companies have so far received more than HUF 210 billion in total under the Technology Shift Program.

Applications for another HUF 100 billion can now be submitted under GINOP Plus,  László György, State Secretary for Economic Strategy and Regulation, said in a statement issued by the Ministry of Innovation and Technology on Wednesday.

According to MTI, György stressed that in the 2021–2027 development cycle, the focus will be on supporting micro, small and medium-sized enterprises, which will receive the largest share of EU funds. The aim is to use these funds as quickly as possible to relaunch and support Hungarian businesses and the Hungarian economy. 

The grant supports the technological development of enterprises, including the development of ICT and the use of business cloud services, investments in infrastructure and real estate, the use of consulting and training services, and the use of renewable energy technologies.

SMEs can apply for between HUF 10 million and HUF 200 million in grants for these purposes. The maximum aid intensity is 70 percent. 

Beneficiaries are micro, small and medium-sized enterprises with at least three employees and at least one full year of closed business. Companies with double-entry bookkeeping, those who are self-employed, and sole proprietorships that are not subject to the KATA (small taxation) are eligible to apply.

Applications will be submitted in two phases. The first phase, which opened on January 19 with a budget of HUF 80 billion, is open to businesses from the regions of South Transdanubia, Northern Hungary, the Northern Great Plain and the Southern Great Plain. For the remaining HUF 20 billion, businesses in the regions of Central Transdanubia, Western Transdanubia and Pest will be able to apply during the second phase, starting on January 27, 2022.

More information is available on the Entrepreneurship Information Portal.

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