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Sisi exhibition in Kecskemét is now virtual

The popular exhibit at the Kecskemét Katona József Museum in the “Cifrapalota” palace can be visited online.

The exhibition had opened back in September and was very popular but then closed when the curfew was imposed. Many were disappointed they could no longer view the exhibit, which was to remain open until February, so the museum created a virtual version of it.

Now, “visitors” can go online and walk through all four rooms of the exhibit, viewing the artifacts and reading the information boards on the life of Elisabeth, Empress of Austria and Queen of Hungary (affectionately called “Sisi” by Hungarians), and her relationship with Hungary and the Hungarians. The exhibition also introduces the members of the Hungarian court and their everyday life as well as the circumstances of the peace agreement in which Sisi and her confidant, Ida Ferenczy, played a key role.

Sisi usually stayed at the castles in Gödöllő and Buda, so the exhibition evokes the everyday life of these places, from hunts in Gödöllő to balls in Buda. 

The exhibition presents “Hungarian princess” Marie Valerie, born to the queen in Buda, and her Hungarian environment; there is also a separate Coronation Hall as well as a room dealing with Sisi’s death and memory.

The museum borrowed works of art, photographs and documents from more than 10 institutions for the exhibition. One highlight is the research-based reconstructions of the clothes worn by Elisabeth, Ida Ferenczy and Gyula Andrássy, created by Mónika Czédly.

The virtual exhibit is available via the Cifrapalota website.

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