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Significant increase in the number of cars sold this year

15,618 cars and 2,653 commercial vehicles were launched onto the Hungarian market in August this year, alone.

The impressive figure marks a 21 percent increase in newly-available cars and a 51 percent rise in the number of cars distributed, compared to the same period last year, according to HVIA.

The latest figures released by Datahouse show a 20 percent increase in consumer demand for small and compact cars, and a 39 percent increase for commercial vehicles. In sharp contrast, the demand for electric vehicles has only grown by 16 percent, or 124 vehicles. This marks a 12 percent drop in comparison with the 67 hybrid vehicles released on the market last year, which can be explained by higher prices.

The number of large-sized vehicles and buses has dropped since last year, with a 45-44 percent decrease. In terms of raw data, this translates to 3,987 vehicles and 362 buses. 

HVIA highlighted that the bus market is significantly smaller, while the prices change significantly on a monthly basis. For this reason, sales data is better demonstrated via annual charts. In comparison to last year, the sale of large-sized vehicles stagnated, while vehicles designed for personal and commercial use are set to exceed previous predictions.

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