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Several programs for the preservation of Hungary’s built heritage

Through several parallel initiatives, the government has supported the preservation, protection and maintenance of the country’s architectural heritage.

Recognizing that national heritage must be preserved, the government has launched a number of programs. We believe that tradition does not mean guarding the ashes, but passing on the flame, said Balázs Orbán, Deputy Minister of the Prime Minister’s Office.

As in previous years, the government will continue to pay special attention to the protection of our cultural values, including our built heritage, he added. To this end, several parallel programs have been launched and corporate tax relief is being provided for the renovation of listed buildings.

Country houses, individuals, non-governmental organizations, local governments and churches can apply for support within the framework of the Folk Architecture Program established by the Teleki László Foundation to preserve and maintain built heritage in the countryside. The amount of the non-refundable grant ranges from a minimum of HUF 500,000 to a maximum of HUF 20 million per application.

In addition, the main task of the Hungarian village program is the protection of the built rural environment, which means the development of the existing buildings and community spaces owned by local governments or churches.

The aim of the program’s call for tenders, entitled Purchase of Abandoned Real Estate for Public Purposes, is to encourage the purchase of abandoned rural real estate and the conversion of it into public real estate.

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