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Semmelweis University and Pfizer sign cooperation agreement

The two entities plan to expand domestic clinical research programs.

The cooperation in the field of clinical research enhances the research and development capacity of Semmelweis University and contributes to increasing the number of clinical drug trials for Pfizer.

According to Pfizer’s international clinical site rating, Semmelweis University has become one of the world’s top clinical research sites, enabling it to engage in even more innovative research programs that can help with patient recovery, the development of domestic professionals and healthcare.

Pfizer announced in its statement that human clinical trials are underway worldwide, but resources are concentrated mostly in countries where the clinical research system is advanced. The number of reliable, high-quality research sites, where the necessary expertise is available, is a decisive factor.

Péter Vereckei, Managing Director of Pfizer Gyógyszerkereskedelmi Kft. said that he is proud of the agreement with the Semmelweis University and is working to ensure that the university and Hungary continue to maintain a prominent position in international clinical trials.

Zoltán Bató, Pfizer’s clinical trial specialist, said the company has conducted more than 20 clinical trials in various disease groups over the past five years with the involvement of Semmelweis University, and the current agreement will further strengthen this collaboration. 

Béla Merkely, Rector of Semmelweis University, spoke about the university’s professionalism and international recognition, seeing that the institution has become one of the best research institutes in the world conducting clinical trials. A total of 134 new clinical trials were launched at the university in 2020, and thanks to the collaboration now established, that number could increase significantly in the coming years.

It will also help increase the institution’s research performance and make Semmelweis University one of the top 100 higher education institutions in the world and the top five healing universities in Europe, he added.

Research and development and innovation (R&D) play a key role in higher education rankings, and Semmelweis University’s strategic goal is to increase the quality, efficiency, volume and revenue-generating capacity of scientific activities at the university, Deputy Rector for Science and Innovation Péter Ferdinandy said. 

The university is developing a new system to support the field of R&D, within which activities related to clinical trials will also be coordinated. 

Hungary is consistently among the top 10 countries in terms of the number of clinical trials launched among the countries where Pfizer operates. Between 2014 and 2018, the company spent HUF 16.4 billion on clinical research in Hungary, and in 2019 HUF 1.239 billion was spent on the research services of Hungarian professionals and institutions aiming to develop new therapeutic procedures and drugs.

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