Second NAK TechLab agricultural startup incubator has begun

The program, jointly launched by the Hungarian Chamber of Agriculture (NAK) and Design Terminal, aims to increase agricultural efficiency.

The program aims to promote developments that will contribute to the digitalization of agriculture, thus making the sector more competitive, sustainable and environmentally conscious.

Nearly 100 consultations have already taken place between startups and large corporate players, investors, and technology partners in the first two days of NAK TechLab’s second incubation program.

A total of 17 startup teams participated in the first phase of the program back in mid-September, receiving help with their solutions from agricultural and business development experts. The following day, they then had the opportunity to convince representatives of large companies that their solution would be effective against various challenges being faced.

The larger companies joining the program this round include: Auchan Retail Hungary, Axiál Kft., Bonafarm Group, Corteva Agriscience, KITE Zrt., SIÓ-Eckes Kft. and Syngenta Magyarország. Participating startup teams also get to work with technology and investment companies such as Vodafone and Bonitás Befektetési Alapkezelő Zrt. 

Meanwhile, NAK (the Hungarian Chamber of Agriculture) also brings in its own agricultural and food experts to round out the program.

The incubation process will end with a so-called Demo Day at the end of November, where projects will be presented to a professional jury.

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