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Rippl-Rónai Museum’s new art exhibition

The Rippl-Rónai Museum in Kaposvár is presenting Hungary’s 20th century artistic heritage to the public with a renewed art exhibition opening on Friday.

The exhibition showcases around 5,000 works and presents the most important aspects of Hungarian modern with the focus on the modern artistic trend initiated by József Rippl-Rónai, according to the institution’s material sent to MTI.

The majority of the exhibition’s material comes from the painter’s brother, Ödön Rippl-Rónai, a railway officer and art collector, who bequeathed them to Somogy County in 1920; the pieces are also a selection of one of Hungary’s most important art collections. A smaller part of the exhibition is made up of works by outstanding Hungarian artists directly associated with József Rippl-Rónai.

In addition, visitors can also admire the art of the second half of the 19th century, including works by masters such as Mihály Munkácsy, Géza Mészöly, László Mednyánszky, János Vaszary, Lajos Gulácsy, József Egry, Béla Kádár, Jenő Barcsay and Ferenc Martyn, among others. 

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