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Richter Gedeon won the Hungarian Innovation Grand Prix

The selection of the winner was decided by secret ballot.

The jury of the Hungarian Innovation Grand Prix selected the 2020 Innovation Grand Prix winner from 69 Hungarian companies; it also awarded seven other innovation prizes and the Startup Innovation Prize of the year. 

Richter Gedeon received the 2020 Hungarian Innovation Grand Prix for the creation of Terrosa®, a new biosimilar Hungarian drug. The entry of Terrosa, developed for the treatment of osteoporosis, proves the success of the biosimilar concept, with sales of EUR 27.237 million in its first full year. The drug also marks the realization of the “invented and made in Hungary” economic development concept.

Meanwhile, Additive Manufacturing Technologies Hungary Kft. received the 2020 Industrial Innovation Award for the development and production of automatic surface treatment equipment for 3D printed parts. 

The IT Innovation Award 2020 was awarded to Tungsram Operations Kft. for “recycling” the company’s traditional capabilities in innovative areas (tungsten fiber development, sustainable and safe food production).

TEQBALL Kft. received the 2020 Industrial Innovation Award for the creation of TEQ LITE, a mass-produced, folding Teqball table.

The 2020 Agricultural Innovation Award was awarded to KITE Zrt. for the establishment of its Precision Management System (PGR), with the aim of adapting precision solutions to the widest possible range of technological elements.

Mol Nyrt. received the 2020 Environmental Innovation Award for its co-processing process, which means the joint conversion of raw materials of biological origin and fossil waste into diesel fuel.

Hagyó Kereskedelmi és Szolgáltató Kft. received the Innovation Award 2020 of the National Intellectual Property Office for its distillation equipment, universally protected by several patents, which entails a computer simulation developed for aroma profiling.

Femmetex Hungary Kft. received the 2020 Startup Innovation Award of the Hungarian Innovation Association for its Redy intimate lingerie. Their product offers a completely new, eco-friendly alternative for women in the intimate hygiene market, absorbing up to 2.5 standard swabs of blood.

The 2020 Innovation Award of the Hungarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry was awarded to Graboplast Padlógyártó Zrt. for developing floors with self-disinfecting surfaces. 

Corporate innovation activity, which ensures the growth of the economy, increased by almost 50 percent mainly due to the transformation of the domestic innovation management system and the significant increase in public R&D resources, said Dr. János Pakucs, who founded the Hungarian Innovation Grand Prix system 29 years ago. 

All winners and 52 other applicants can be found here. 

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