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Research biologist Katalin Karikó receives Bolyai Prize

In 2021, Katalin Karikó will receive the most prestigious recognition of Hungarian scientific life, the board of trustees and founders of the Bolyai Prize Foundation announced on Friday.

Founded in 1998 and awarded every two years, the Bolyai Prize was established with the aim of elevating knowledge and science, thus ensuring the social recognition of scientists. 

The prize, created on the initiative of a civic society and from private capital, can be awarded to persons of Hungarian citizenship or Hungarian origin who achieve outstanding results at the international level in the field of scientific research, development or youth education and the utilization of their results in socio-economic life, reads the foundation’s statement to the Hungarian Telegraph Office (MTI) on Friday.

The recognition of the EUR 100,000 cash prize is decided by a 15-member independent award committee chaired by the current president, with half of the other 14 members delegated by the presidency of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and the other half by the founders of the Bolyai Prize Foundation. 

Research biologist Katalin Karikó has played a pioneering role in the development of the mRNA-based vaccine against Covid-19, and her results are monitored worldwide by both academia and the public, Dr. Gábor Szabó, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Bolyai Prize Foundation, said. 

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