Renovations in Budapest’s City Park to be ready by autumn

Developments include something for everyone, even dogs.

Budapest’s Városliget (City Park) will undergo a second phase of garden and landscape renovation. Residents and visitors will be able to visit the 100-hectare park this autumn and enjoy multifunctional sports fields, a running track, a playground, another dog adventure park, a promenade and a renewed botanical garden.

Benedek Gyorgyevics, CEO of Városliget Zrt., emphasized that they are renewing about 93,000 square meters of green space as well and have plans to plant more than 200 deciduous trees and thousands of shrubs and perennials.

Gyorgyevics also pointed out that the park has taken into account the interests of its hundreds of thousands of visitors, with new developments for families, athletes, children and dogs.

A new 17,000-square-meter outdoor playground will feature areas for roller skating, rollerblading and running, and there will also be tracks for skateboards, scooters, and BMX bikes. Climbing walls will follow maximum safety rules, including proper rubber flooring around the walls per European and Hungarian standards.

A half-hectare themed dog park will also be easily accessible as well as bordered by a secure fence with several entrances.

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