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Renovated hunting lodge in Gúth inaugurated

The importance of sustainable hunting was stressed by Deputy Prime Minister Zsolt Semjén at the inauguration of the lodge in Gúth.

Semjén said that “without sustainable hunting, there is no sustainable forestry, no sustainable agriculture, no game management, and no nature conservation.” He said it is important that as many people as possible visit the forests because everyone needs them. According to the politician, the renovated hunting lodge is an “architectural masterpiece.”

Minister of Agriculture István Nagy spoke about the development of state forestry enterprises, stressing that in previous periods the companies had carried out unprecedented developments, some HUF 27 billion in forest tourism developments, which had resulted in the creation of high-quality accommodation and other attractions ranging from lookouts to small railway lines.

The Hungarian State Forestry, including Gúth Forestry, has an important role to play in bringing the experience of being close to nature to the people. 

László Tasó, a Fidesz MP for the region, also called for forests to be opened up. He pointed out that the first step had been taken at the Nyírerdő when the first forest tourist trail was opened at Easter, and that more should follow.

Mayor of Debrecen László Papp announced that the hunting lodge in Gúth Forest, one of the emblematic sites of Hungarian hunting culture, has been renewed and now a modern, 21st century building will welcome domestic and foreign hunters in the Great Plain.

The hunting lodge in Gúth was renovated with HUF 568 million, financed by Nyírerdő Zrt. from its own resources, Árpád Szalacsi, the company’s CEO said. 

The building, which is under local protection, was completely renovated inside while maintaining its exterior appearance during the two-and-a-half-year project. All equipment and the kitchen have been modernized, and the five rooms and two apartments can accommodate 14 guests at a time in high-quality conditions, he said.

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