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Record revenues expected in domestic tourism

The number of bookings in rural accommodations is increasing week by week.

For the summer months, almost 1 million guest nights have been booked per month, Zoltán Guller, the CEO of the Hungarian Tourism Agency, told a local newspaper.

In the recent interview, Zoltán Guller explained that before the shutdown hit due to the coronavirus, domestic tourism had achieved unprecedented results and enjoyed its best season in the previous 30 years, and it looks like this summer could be a record as well. 

He pointed out that data today show that the accommodations in the Balaton region are the most popular, followed by Mátra-Bükk, Debrecen and its surroundings, and the surroundings of Budapest.

Lake Balaton is fully booked for the summer months and doesn’t need any advertising; however, ongoing developments to improve the area will continue. 

We are supporting more electric boating, building more hotels, and renovating beaches as well as launching a new ferry next spring, the CEO said. He emphasized that the goal is to make Lake Balaton and its surroundings a “European, environmentally friendly” resort.

Guller also pointed out that due to the lack of foreigners, the situation in Budapest will be less favorable. It would be good if Hungarian travelers would also consider the capital as a possible destination, he added. 

He stressed that the agency is launching international campaigns to reach out to foreign travelers before opening the borders and confirmed that the V4 countries also agreed to prepare a joint campaign directed at foreign tourists with offers for the Visegrád region. 

Guller spoke about state subsidies as well, noting that since the outbreak of the epidemic, these have exceeded EUR 2 billion, which is exemplary on an international level. Help has included wage subsidies, a credit moratorium, zero-percent loan program, suspension of the tourist tax and tourism development contribution paid by companies, a waiver of terrace fees, a 5 percent VAT for home delivery, and discounts on the SZÉP card, he listed. 

We are on our way back to a normal life. Now the real help is getting started, because if there are guests, everything is there, Guller concluded. 

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