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Raspberry-flavored cake wins Cake of Hungary competition

The ‘Boldogasszony csipkéje’, a raspberry-flavored, multi-layer cake won the prestigious title of "Cake of Hungary”.

Held since 2006, this prestigious competition invites pastry chefs and confectioners from across the country to submit their finest, most-magnificent creations. This year’s winner Norbert Tóth previously won third-place last year. 

Tóth’s cleverly planned, elaborately detailed design takes its name from the folk term for raspberries. Accordingly, the main part of the cake consists of a raspberry-soaked sponge cake covered in freshly-made, tangy raspberry jam, and raspberry-flavored, bright pink, crunchy meringue. To complement the berry-bonanza, the cake is covered in a lemon-basil flavored whipped icing, laced with more raspberry jam. And if that was not quite enough of the fruit, the top is decorated with a mix of dried raspberries and green-colored white chocolate flakes. Each cake is made with 600 grams of raspberries in total. 

The jury – comprised of the board members of the National Trade Committee of Hungarian Confectioners – expressed unbridled enthusiasm for the high vitamin content of the cake. Rich in Vitamin C, K, E and iron, the fruit has unmatched health benefits. In accordance with the latest trends, the healthiest, lightest, most-delightful cakes representing Hungarian culture and history tend to receive the most praise during the competition. It is no wonder then that Norbert Tóth’s masterful creation was triumphant. 

Keeping with this trend, second place was awarded to a sour cherry and almond cake made by Gergő Dezse, while third place went to the ‘Kékestető’, designed by the Hysteria Confectionery from Tápiószecső. 

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