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Public education to be renewed until 2030

Hungary can use the funds from the EU Recovery Fund to green the economy and for digitalization as well.

László György, State Secretary of the Ministry of Innovation and Technology, reported at the round table discussion of the Hungarian Economic Association that progress in the field of sustainability and digitalization is expected in terms of competitiveness.

Rebuilding universities will be an important factor in the coming years and could provide an opportunity for Hungary to make a technological leap.

The secretary of state added that public education needs to be improved and the government wants every elementary school student to at least have a trade.

Gergely Baksay, Director of the Magyar Nemzeti Bank, pointed out that Hungary has managed to preserve its growth potential during the crisis. Developments also remained high, with the investment rate increasing in 2020.

Hungary’s competitiveness is in line with its economic development, but it would be good to further improve it, Gábor Regős, head of the macroeconomic division at Századvég Research Institute, said. He pointed out that investments are needed to help increase competitiveness, and in education, increasing the salary of teachers is essential to achieve a knowledge-based economy.

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