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President Áder: V4 requires “the preservation of EU funds” for further required development

The Visegrád Group maintains that the same cohesion and economic funds are necessary to help decrease the development differences between new and older EU Member States.

The V4 countries agreed this past Thursday to collectively lobby for the European Union to retain the current cohesion and economic funds for the upcoming (2021-2027) budgetary season, stated János Áder, President of Hungary, after the summit with V4 heads of state in the city of Lány, near Prague.

The leaders of the Visegrád Group concurred that EU cohesion and economic funds should not be cut, as it is necessary for the four countries to be able to access the same funds as they have in the past for further development, said Áder at the international press conference held after the summit. 

The transportation system, including railway and highway systems, and the energy industry, specifically need further investment, particularly in Eastern Europe. 

The Hungarian president further clarified that it is in the best interest of both the EU and new member states to decrease the development differences between them. And this can only be achieved if the V4 countries receive the same financial support as they did during the previous term.

“One of the preconditions for this is the preservation of EU funds,” said the Hungarian president.

Concerning the Western Balkans, Áder expressed his firm support for Serbia to join the EU and for there to be better regional cooperation with the EU as well.

“The EU’s security depends crucially on how security in the Western Balkans develops,” he noted.

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic was present at the summit and told MTVA that they were enormously grateful for the support expressed by the Viségrad Four. “We are very pleased to have the entire Visegrád Group on our side from today,” Vucic said to the press.

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