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Preserving discounted utility prices is critical

Keeping utility costs low remains the top priority for the Hungarian government.

Szilárd Németh, the government commissioner responsible for maintaining discounted prices for utility costs, told local radio that the Hungarian government must maintain these discounts due to the war, inflation, disrupted supply chains and a brutal energy crisis in Europe.

For electricity up to 2,523 kilowatt-hours per year, 1 kilowatt/hour of electricity will be HUF 36. Above that, the price of electricity consumption will be HUF 70.10, the government commissioner said.

He pointed out that the reduced price was possible because the Paks nuclear power plant is in operation, which provides electricity to the Hungarian population very cheaply and safely. If Paks 2 were to be built, it would be possible to provide electricity to the Hungarian people at an even lower price, he said.

However, the government could not keep such a discount for gas consumption. The price per cubic meter up to the average consumption will be HUF 102, while it will be HUF 747 per cubic meter above the average consumption.

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