Plastic recycling plant inaugurated in Herend

The new plant produces granules from agricultural plastic waste, which is then used as a raw material for the manufacture of agricultural plastic products.

At the inauguration of the plant on Thursday, Agriculture Minister István Nagy said that the technology used at the Herend plant is to make agricultural plastic waste reusable.

Linear farming must end, as only by using waste as a raw material can we manage responsibly in a world of dwindling resources, he said.

László Csatári, managing director of the Jáger Group, which owns the plant, said that the company had been preparing for the introduction of the new technology for years, in view of the economic difficulties ahead. They believe that without a reliable vision of the future, stable, predictable operations and development are unthinkable.

The 300-square-meter unit employs six people and produces five tons of granules a day, which will be used to make, among other things, lawn lattice, outdoor decking and carpeting. The newly inaugurated plant was built at a cost of HUF 200 million.

The company’s plastic processing units are located in Nemesvámos and Herend and employ 180 people. 

The investment, which started five years ago, cost a total of HUF 500 million, of which HUF 100 million was government support. The Nemesvámos plant and the recycling plant and laboratory in Herend were built with this money, he said.

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