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Planet Budapest 2021 Sustainability Expo and World Summit opens

Our common future is the main reason for the creation of Planet Budapest 2021 Sustainability Expo and World Summit, President János Áder said at the opening ceremony of the event.

The Planet Budapest 2021 Sustainability Expo and World Summit takes place from November 29 to December 5. There are 185 exhibitors, from the smallest startups to the largest companies, on an area of around 20,000 square meters. More than a third of those exhibiting are from Visegrád Four (V4) countries, showcasing how Central Europe is making progress in areas such as agriculture, waste management, smart cities, energy and transport.

Planet Budapest 2021 is the most prestigious international diplomatic meeting on sustainability in the Central European region. It brings together policy-makers, academics and high-level representatives of international organizations, global and regional funding institutions, business leaders, and companies at the forefront of sustainability solutions.

Participants at the Sustainability Expo and World Summit are seeking answers to questions related to the post-COVID environment and lessons learned from the pandemic.

One of the highlights of the unique event is “Your Planet,” where 66 installations showcase the negative trends shaping the future of Earth and possible solutions.

The opening ceremony of the week-long event was attended by the Hungarian President János Áder and Polish President Andrzej Duda.

In his speech, Áder quoted Sándor Márai from his book Füves, telling participants “Be careful not to miss the moment” to address the task at hand and wished all participants a meaningful exchange of ideas and meetings that would encourage further work.

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