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Pilisi Park Forest to get a new forest reserve

Forests are key to the ecological future of our earth, as most people know today.

However, fewer know about the role of so-called forest reserves in terms of the survival and future of forests. Forest reserves are highly protected forest areas where all human activities are stopped in order for the forest ecosystem to function smoothly and be monitored. The forest reserves consist of a so-called core area and a surrounding protection zone. The core area is a practically untouched forest suitable for the study of forest dynamics. 

There are currently 63 forest reserves in Hungary, and another one is now being created in the Pilisi Park Forest.

The newly established forest reserve is a beautiful area, which is an extremely valuable part of the landscape from a forestry and nature conservation perspective. The forested area of the roughly 20 hectare core area has trees that are more than 140 years old. Various species of oak form the backbone of the forest, which has a diverse structure, rich in deadwood and microhabitats that promote a high degree of biodiversity. The reserve also features a spring, a small lake, and a younger forest between the Rózsakút clearing and the old forest, Dr. Péter Csépányi, Deputy CEO of Forestry and Nature Conservation of Pilisi Parkerdő Zrt., explained.

With its creation, the Pilisi Park Forest continues the noble tradition started by forest engineer Károly Kaán in the field of nature conservation. 

The aim of the industrial forest reserve network is research, the study of natural forest dynamics and the development of biodiversity, the management of Pilisi Park Forest announced. 

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