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Pastry chef Balázs Enzsöl shakes up confectionery world

Balázs Enzsöl never used a piping bag until he turned 34. Though you would never be able to tell, the pastry chef taught himself to create the most delicate and luxurious desserts that have garnered him significant praise from Hungarian audiences and beyond.

Employed as a professional soldier for most of his early adulthood, Enzsöl first took an interest in the hospitality industry at the age of 25. Having moved to the United Kingdom to study English, it did not take long for the young man to discover the eccentric culinary world. After a few months as a line cook, Enzsöl wasted little time and worked his way up in the kitchen, soon becoming its head chef. Over the following 10 years, he established his international reputation. By 2014, he landed a position at the famous Hoja Santa by Albert Adrià restaurant in Barcelona, where he learned the ins and outs of molecular cuisine. 

By 2015, Enzsöl had earned worldwide acclaim with his finely-detailed and precisely-calculated creations. Unlike the usual fare you would come across at a traditional French patisserie, Enzsöl specializes in trompe l’oeil-like, illusory concoctions that bedazzle both the eyes and taste buds. His chocolate-covered, walnut-like bites, mirror-glazed toffee apple mockups and fake chicken wings were met with undivided enthusiasm. His astonishing Instagram account features some of the most surprising desserts to have ever existed, earning him a loyal following of over 45,000 devotees. 

Unlike your average pastry chef, Enzsöl refuses to settle for one restaurant and instead travels the world to give lectures, workshops and to provide catering for special events. So far, the jet-setting lifestyle has worked like a charm, although Enzsöl already has his eyes set on new projects. Currently, the chef is trying to build his own team of specialists to help him take photos, source special ingredients, handle the logistics of traveling, and build a brand. 

As someone with an unceasing thirst to discover everything new in the world, Enzsöl finds it unlikely that he will ever launch his own shop. The interdisciplinary, ever-changing lifestyle of digital nomads has worked out in his favor. With an ever-increasing clientele – some of whom are based in Bali, Dubai, Singapore, Japan and Macau, Enzsöl is on the path to becoming a trendsetter on the international confectionery scene. 

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