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Parliament approves grandparents’ subsidized leave

Parliament has pushed through several resolutions including the introduction of grandparents’ subsidized parental leave.

As part of the government’s family protection action plan, parliament has made it possible for grandparents to be eligible for subsidized parental leave from the first day of next year.

According to the legislature’s decision, parents can transfer their entitlement to grandparents if they are employees under the age of retirement. A further condition is that grandparents must be insured for at least 365 days in the two years before the grandchild’s birth.

Subsidized parental leave can be used for up to two years (in the case of twins up to three years), while the grandparent is entitled to unpaid leave. It has also been declared that grandparents can receive the subsidized parental leave amount for as many children as they can take care of at any one time.

According to the government’s plan, this benefit will serve as extra help for families with children. Calculations show that the average parental leave will reach a monthly allowance of HUF 208,000 per grandchild.

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