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Pannon Park to house central Europe’s largest aquarium

Budapest Zoo will host a new aquarium and animal city, offering customers an ultra-modern experience.

Pannon Park in Budapest will soon house Central Europe’s largest aquarium.

A communal area offering a family-friendly environment will be built at Budapest Zoo to host the aquarium and a new animal city.

The complex will house an outdoor runway, a 1.7 hectare hypermodern bio-dome, and central Europe’s largest and most state-of-the-art aquarium. The project has a budget of HUF 43.7 billion (EUR 140 million).

The organic space will be open all-year-round and will be home to 1,400 tree-size plants and a smaller elephant herd. The dome will also recycle the thermal heat and rainwater of Budapest, and create a new green zone in the city.

“Next spring, most of the architectural and mechanical work will be completed, and the animals will be moved in 2021 after a successful trial period,” said a spokesperson for Budapest Zoo.

The site will include promenades, animal runways, and 3,000 square feet of subtropical vegetation. The total length of the sightseeing walkway will be two kilometers, which will meander three levels above the ground floor.

Pannon Park will also be home to the largest marine pool in central Europe, which will hold 2.5 million liters of water, thousands of fish, sharks and other sea creatures.

Thanks to the acrylic tunnel design through the heart of the pool, the public will be surrounded by marine life on both sides. There will also be a separate pool for sea cows which have never been seen in Hungary before.

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