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Pálinka is a true Hungaricum

Pálinka is not only a high-quality drink but also a true Hungaricum.

Minister of Agriculture István Nagy said at the opening of the ninth National Pálinka and Spirits Competition that the promotion of pálinka onto the list of Hungaricums has served to raise its profile. 

At the same time, great emphasis must be placed on quality, and one of the most important bastions of this is the National Pálinka Competition, which focuses on the selection of top-quality products and their promotion both at home and abroad, he added. 

The Rural Development Program will develop the entire food industry in a complex way between 2021 and 2027, providing opportunities for all activities and all sizes of businesses; calls for proposals have also been designed with the needs of the industry in mind.

Speaking about the competition, the minister stressed that it could provide both producers and consumers with professional feedback on the current range and trends of pálinka.

The results and prizes also inform the general public about the best pálinkas available on the market, he said, adding that the flavor, aroma, and harmony of the spirit will always be the deciding factors.

At the opening of the competition, President of the National Pálinka Council László Mihályi said that this year 41 commercial breweries and distributors had submitted a total of 346 entries. These will be evaluated by 25 pálinka experts after an official tasting by NÉBIH, who will then select the category winners and the best pálinka of the year.

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