Over HUF 4.5 billion more to go to healthcare

Five more investments, worth more than HUF 4.5 billion, will be realized in the healthcare sector.

The government is supporting the new investments with HUF 3 billion within the Health Industry Support Program, Minister of Finance Mihály Varga announced on Friday.

The minister emphasized that the agreements signed will allow for significant investments in healthcare even during the crisis. These not only expand the sector’s capacity but also save 800 jobs.

Last July, the government decided to launch a HUF 50 billion support program to strengthen the Hungarian healthcare industry and develop healthcare manufacturing capacities. Through the program, Hungarian companies are already able to supply Hungary with sufficient masks, Favipiravir, medical devices used for vaccination, disinfectant raw materials, and air purification equipment, he underlined.

Varga highlighted that the program continues to support making the country self-sufficient in key healthcare products, producing important health products and being capable of exporting to foreign markets.

The developments launched in 2020 have had tangible results. To date, 77 healthcare development contracts have been concluded with a total value of over HUF 80 billion, protecting more than 2,500 jobs, and 10 investments have already been realized, which protected and created a total of 1,500 jobs. 

One contract was signed with 3DHistech Kft. for the production of digital microscopes. With the help of HUF 560 million in support, a unique production line will be purchased for the production of these special microscopes.

Igazgyöngy’98 Kft, a distributor of medical devices in Csákány, will also receive a grant of HUF 690 million to set up a modern plant to produce sterile bandages, worth HUF 1 billion. 

Pemü Műanyagipari Zrt. in Solymár will manufacture components for ventilators. The company won a grant of HUF 592 million for the construction of a more than 1,000-square-meter plant, with a total value of HUF 740 million.

Plazmacentrum Kft. in Sopron collects plasma and is establishing new centers in Baja and Sopron for more than HUF 800 million, with the help of nearly HUF 650 million.

UgrinPack-Erdősi Kft. in Dorog is expanding its production plant from HUF 1.2 billion with the help of a nearly HUF 690 million subsidy; bandages will be produced with a special coating that helps promote healing.

The program will not only help the creation of a completely new industry but will reduce the country’s vulnerability as well. Once the Hungarian economy restarts, it will also support the improvement of the country’s export performance, Varga outlined.

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