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Őrjeg region and its vineyards awarded title of “Nature Park”

Agriculture Minister István Nagy awarded the title “Nature Park” to the Őrjeg and Szőlőhegyei region, thus increasing the number of nature parks operating in Hungary to 16.

The area covering the five settlements of Bács-Kiskun County can use the title “Nature Park” starting on March 31. In the future, the Őrjeg and Szőlőhegyei Nature Park Association will carry out various tasks to preserve the natural and cultural heritage of the area. 

The southern part of the marshland on the border of the Danube floodplain and the sandy land between the Danube and the Tisza is known by the name of “Őrjeg.” One part of this area, Vörös-mocsár (Red Swamp), is already a protected area and can be explored on a nature trail. The only town in the region with urban status is Hajós, famous for its wine. The nature park initiative was joined by the  villages of Császártárt, Érsekhalma, Homokmégy and Öregcsertő.

The possibility of creating a nature park was first raised by young farmers engaged in “close-to-nature” and organic farming in the area. They have consistently worked in recent years to preserve the rich heritage and natural landscape of Őrjeg.

Their activities focus on close-to-nature farming, including the promotion of grazing livestock, the maintenance of natural landscape, the preservation and monitoring of protected natural values, the rethinking of water regulation, and the production of healthy local products.

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