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One in 20 cars sold in Hungary is now electric or hybrid

The share of electric vehicles in new car sales is growing significantly.

In September, 23 percent of all vehicles sold in Europe were pure electric or hybrid, double the share a year earlier. In Hungary, the share is 5 percent, which is higher than in the surrounding Central and Eastern European countries, E.ON Hungária Group told MTI. 

A total of 39,000 cars with green plates, including 19,000 all-electric and 20,000 hybrid cars, have been registered in Hungary, and the number could increase tenfold within 10 years. The number of all-electric cars increased by around 6 percent in October alone, thanks to tenders.

Drivers of e-cars covered 42 million kilometers in 2020, saving the environment from 5,100 tons of carbon dioxide emissions. The dynamic growth of electric cars can be further boosted by extending the charging network infrastructure. 

There are currently 250,000 conventional and 38,000 fast chargers in Europe, but to make the technology as accessible as possible for all environmentally conscious drivers, it is essential to develop charging points at home and at work. 

2020 was the first year in which more new electric and hybrid cars were registered in Europe (1.4 million) than in China (1.2 million).

Driving electric or hybrid cars required 4 to 5 stops to recharge during a trip six years ago. Today, the same journey can be made with a single charge, and the system is constantly evolving.

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