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Óbuda University to create a mechatronics science park in Székesfehérvár with more than HUF 30 billion

The Mechatronics Science and Innovation Park will be established at the Alba Regia Faculty of Technology, with a planned investment of HUF 30-35 billion.

Óbuda University will implement three technology and innovation parks in the future including a mechatronics park in Székesfehérvár, a smart-innovation park in Kaposvár and a future-innovation park in Zsámbék. Each of the three will have a role to play in serving the needs of industry as an entrepreneurial and investor-oriented higher education institution, while the primary goal will remain scientific research and education, Levente Kovács, rector of the university, said.

The mechatronics park to be created in Székesfehérvár will be unique in the country and provide an opportunity for industry to leverage the university’s knowledge surplus to produce new results, he added.

According to Mayor András Cser-Palkovics (Fidesz), the creation of the park will provide not only the city but the whole country with a huge opportunity, and if done well, it could move the future in a positive direction.

He indicated that the basic decisions on the HUF 30-35 billion investment have been made. In addition to the infrastructure elements, it will be very important to acquire the right equipment and content, which will be developed through a joint collaboration between the companies and the university, he added.

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