Nyíregyháza Zoo to undergo extensive renovation works

Construction will soon begin at Nyíregyháza Zoo following a total of more than HUF 732 million allocated for redevelopment projects.

As part of the new renovation project, India House, which will include 1,065 square meters of floor space, will be constructed. The House will have approximately 330 square feet of outdoor space, including a sea basin and a rhinoceros basin.

An African bird flying space will also be created with 376 square meters of indoor and 2,800 square meters of outer space with netting. The facility will also include a pelican and a flamingo pool.

Nyíregyháza Zoo is located about five kilometers from the Sóstó resort area, where people can relax with a beach bath, village museum and a park. 

The zoo itself is located in a natural, almost undisturbed environment, in the depths of an oak forest. The 30-hectare area welcomes visitors from all over the world to observe how animals live in different continents and habitats. 

You can read more about the zoo on its official website.

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