Nyíregyháza will spend HUF 43 billion on developing its industrial park

The government supports expanding its industrial park and building electricity infrastructure in the area, Ferenc Kovács (Fidesz-KDNP), mayor of Nyíregyháza, said.

In connection with the expansion of the industrial park, which currently covers 123 hectares, the municipality purchased 423 hectares of land with HUF 20.2 billion from the central budget, the mayor said. He added that the land purchased as farmland has been reclassified, the related soil tests and demining will be completed in July, and the municipality has started to prepare a development concept for the park.

Very serious investor negotiations are underway, and in addition to land acquisition, the construction of utilities is also an important objective, the mayor added.

Kovács said that a government decree published last week provides HUF 22.7 billion for the development of the industrial area, which will be used to build the electricity supply. The sum will be used to plan and build a total of 557 MW of electricity capacity, 188 MW of which will be used for construction.

The Municipality of Nyíregyháza will directly receive HUF 7.3 billion of the development aid, with the remainder to be used by the developing electricity companies involved in the construction. 

The mayor noted that the development of the park will continue with further phases of utility works, such as the construction of roads, internet and water supply in the coming years.

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