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Nurturing talent is good for Hungary, says official

Bence Rétvári, State Secretary at the Ministry of Human Capacities, has commended students and teachers who participated in the 2019 International Science Student Olympics.

The state secretary stressed that talent management is in the national interest, because talent goes beyond the individual and is an important part of driving the country forward. He said the academic success of Hungarian students has come on leaps and bounds in recent years.

Hungarian students achieved six gold, seven silver and 16 bronze medals at the recent 2019 International Science Student Olympics. Hungarians have never earned as many medals in the last ten years, which shows that Hungary can deliver world-class talent. The students from across the country achieved success in biology, astronomy, astrophysics, philosophy, physics, informatics, chemistry, mathematics and linguistics.

As shown in the 2018 PISA survey, Hungarian students’ performance in reading, mathematics and science has improved and is now close to the OECD average. The state secretary also pointed out that in other surveys – TIMSS and PIRLS – Hungarian students also achieved great results.

The new National Core Curriculum (NCC) now doubles the time allocated for teachers to spend on talent management. The proportion of core material to optional material is now 80-20 percent. This allows each school to determine what it focuses on according to individual character. 

In 2019, the Ministry of Human Resources supported the participation of Hungarian students in nine International Science Olympiads with more than HUF 560 million in funding. The government also continues to invest in education annually.

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