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No need to phase out internal combustion engines

The European Union's Environment Council has agreed that there is no need to phase out internal combustion engines from 2035, as long as the use of carbon-neutral synthetic fuels is allowed.

At the ZalaZONE Trilateral Conference, Minister of Technology and Industry László Palkovics said that the use of synthetic fuels is a major achievement, which will help to protect the internal combustion engines on which the Hungarian and German automotive industries rely. 

The annual output of Hungary’s car industry is equivalent to 25 percent of GDP, he added.

There are several solutions for the future of the industry that meet the same criteria and produce cars that have less or no impact on the environment. 

The trilateral cooperation was established in 2017 between Hungary, Austria and Slovenia to create the possibility for road testing of self-driving vehicles by building an international infrastructure. These vehicles need to be tested not only on closed test tracks but also under normal road conditions in several countries, Palkovics said.

In addition to the member countries, participants from five other countries attended the conference. The experts reported on their research and development, the legal background and the results achieved so far.

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