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New website for Hungary’s hiking trails

Kektura.hu is available on all operating systems, desktop and mobile devices.

With its dynamic content, the website now offers a better user experience, especially for the younger generation, the Hungarian Hiking Association told a local tourism newspaper.

Information regarding the National Blue Circle, consisting of three hiking routes plus children’s routes, can be found on the page.

In addition to descriptions and photos, people can look up distances, the time needed to hike a given route and difficulty level, as well as download routes in a GPX file and a list of the places you can have your map stamped (showing you reached a given milestone) in Hungarian and English. The full description of the National Blue Tour is available in Hungarian, English, German and Slovak.

Additional information includes up-to-date forest visitor restrictions and closures, weekly hiking news, accommodations and attractions along the routes, public transportation links, parking options, safety regulations and equipment tips.

The National Blue Circle is considered to be a Hungarian national treasure, so the website does not contain commercial advertisements. It is used exclusively by the association to inform/educate Hungarian hikers and facilitate their hiking.

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