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New visitor experience at Szolnok Aviation Museum

RepTár Szolnok Aviation Museum has a new climbing wall.

A 29-square-meter, 2.5-meter-high, 11-meter-wide climbing now awaits visitors on the military obstacle course. Those interested can perform various tasks independently or as a team on the wall. The experience-based activity develops abilities such as endurance, speed, motor skills and coordination, the museum states.

The climbing wall was created using a non-refundable grant in connection with the Széchenyi 2020 tender. 

The tender sought to get young people to learn more about Szolnok’s local history and aviation. A series of youth events will also be organized with the aim of reducing emigration and raising awareness of the values ​​of the city of Szolnok. 

See more on the website of the museum: www.reptar.hu

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