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New visitor center for sustainable, affordable construction

ÉMI received HUF 1.5 billion for the further development of the Szentendre National Model House Park.

Public procurement procedures will be linked to preliminary cost estimates, building information data will be digitized, and the Szentendre National Model Park will be developed into a visitor center. 

The updated and expanded version of the original strategy, created three years ago, was written to help change the technology and increase the efficiency of companies in the construction sector by all means necessary.

The long-pursued goal can now be achieved by building a quality assurance and certification system for building materials and construction products.

ÉMI Nonprofit Kft. will receive HUF 900 million this year, HUF 5 billion in 2022 and an additional HUF 3.37 billion in 2022 to strengthen the testing background of building materials and construction products and to develop the infrastructure for needed laboratories.

The budget of the tender system supporting the Építő-5 modernization investment will be HUF 10.5 billion this year and HUF 12-12 billion in the next two years. ÉMI also received 1.5 billion from this year’s 12 billion budget of the Building Support Program for the further development of the National Model House Park in Szentendre.

The area is ​​becoming a visitor center in line with the objectives of the Home Creation Program, the Long-Term Renovation Strategy of Buildings and the Economic Protection Action Plan. Here, builders and their customers will learn about modern, sustainable, affordable construction technologies, products, and processes. 

The buildings selected for the National Design Plan Catalog will also be presented here. The operator of the facility can expect a total of HUF 300 million in maintenance support in the next two years, according to the government decision.

The government has also decided to develop a digital data and information repository in which technical information documents for construction products used for public investment are available in a uniform format and accessible from anywhere. The establishment of regional recycling centers to improve the recycling rate of construction and demolition waste is another significant step, and a proposal for this should be completed by the end of September.

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