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New tenders announced to increase electromobility in Hungary

The government will continue to support the purchase of electric vehicles, and another tender for the purchase of e-bikes will open in September.

Péter Kaderják, Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Policy, reported that the number of green cars on Hungarian roads has doubled in just a year and a half. 

In order to develop a competitive e-mobility sector in Hungary, the government has taken several steps. The Jedlik Ányos Plan has been revised and updated, a predictable regulatory environment has been created for e-mobility providers through the Electromobility Act and its implementing regulations, and the infrastructure required can continue to be built in a competitive environment. 

The government also spent HUF 1.8 billion on a tender supporting the purchase of electric vehicles, resulting in greater competition among both manufacturers and sellers.

Another tender to provide further support for the purchase of electric vehicles is expected again at the beginning of 2021. And soon, it will be possible to add state funds for the purchase of electric bicycles and pedelecs as well, the state secretary announced.

The transport sector typically accounts for more than one-fifth of greenhouse gas emissions, with vehicles accounting for the largest share. Kaderják stressed that the government’s support for electromobility is a key part of climate protection, while transport is one of the most important areas where intervention is needed. 

According to preliminary data for 2019, total greenhouse gas emissions in Hungary decreased by 0.3 percent, accompanied by economic growth of around 5 percent, which can be considered a good result. At the same time, emissions from the transport sector increased by 7 percent.

The Green Bus program for the development of urban public transport was also launched in early September. The government will allocate HUF 36 billion over 10 years to support the purchase of environmentally friendly public transport vehicles. As part of the program, the first buses started operating in Debrecen a few weeks ago. The next demo station will be in Békéscsaba, and a larger support contract for 2020-2021 will be announced in mid-October.

The goal is to commission only electric buses starting in 2022 in settlements with a population of more than 25,000.

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